Secure-Lite Window Company

Burglar Resistant

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As easy as it is to get out of a Secure Lite storm shutter, it is difficult to get in. The patented Secure Lite formula includes two layers of impact resistant glass bonded together with a third inner layer of polyvinyl butylene.  This high-tech composition not only acts as a permanent weather barrier; it prevents burglars from breaking in through a window.

In fact, the Secure–Lite storm shutter system passed Testing for large missile impact, resisting a nine-pound, 6-foot-long 2x4 traveling almost 50 feet per second.  Likewise, Secure-Lite is a proven line of defense against crowbars, bats, bricks, or other objects commonly used in break-ins.

Secure Lite Shutters are not limited only to glass, we also offer the same protection in the form of Security Screen Barriers that protect you year round from burglars and storms and you never have to worry with shutter storage or the threat of being trapped in a fire. Stop a break-in before it happens, protect your property with Secure Lite Windows and Screens.

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