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Quick Escape

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One of the most important features of Secure-Lite windows is on-demand egress, or quick-escape.  If there were a fire, for example, boards and shutters would leave you trapped if you weren’t near a door.  But Secure-Lite works just like a window, so you can open it just like a window.  Compared to other year-round protection products on the market, the quick-escape feature is literally one of Secure-Lite’s “saving graces”.

With today’s building codes and public safety issues, egress has become more and more important to builders, architects, and homeowners.  Many architects have already suggested the replacement of existing perforated products and shutter systems on government and school buildings with safer solutions, and Secure-Lite have proven itself to be the safest. 

When using alternative products, the option of escaping through your windows becomes impossible.  Burglar bars, steel panels, aluminum shutters, and other permanent protection systems, trap the inhabitants inside and leave them with no escape.  This could be deadly.  There have been several recent cases where children or residents have been burned alive inside of their house or office, due to the entrapment of products with no escape options.

Secure-Lite gives you security and peace of mind from elements on the outside, and if circumstances on the inside turn bad, Secure-Lite not only makes escape possible, it makes it easy and quick. 


Secure-Lite products offering egress options are both Hurricane Storm Windows, and our Security Screens.


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