Secure-Lite Window Company

Sound Reduction

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No one likes to wake up early in the morning to the sound of an airplane or a train whistle.  Barking dogs and street traffic can disturb the peace of any household.

With Secure-Lite windows installed on your home, you can wave a glad goodbye to these and other noisy annoyances.  Secure-Lite’s solid construction reduces noise perception by 95%. Sound Reduction Windows can be installed over your existing windows, as replacement windows, or included in the new construction of your home or business. Not all Sound proof, Sound resistant, and Sound barriers are created equal. Many sound reducing products on the market are built inefficiently allowing sound to penetrate through the imperfections. Secure-Lite Windows are manufactured in the USA, each being individually inspected to ensure the most efficient product available for protecting your peace. Contact us to learn more about our windows.

Sleep soundly and live peacefully with the sound-reducing strength and solid protection of Secure-Lite windows.  What’s that you hear now?  It sounds like your pillow is calling your name.

Sound Proof windows are not all created equally, our Secure Lite Sound Proof Windows will also protect from storms and burglars.

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