Secure-Lite Window Company

Storm Protection

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The revolutionary Secure-Lite storm-shutter system is changing the perception of storm protection.  Before the Secure-Lite System, property owners turned to plywood, plastics, steel, aluminum and burglar bars as protective coverings for their windows.  While functional, the materials are certainly not beautiful or clear.

Secure-Lite eliminates last minute hammering of plywood over windows, frantic trips to the hardware store, closing yourself in a dark house, and canceling your vacation to prepare for a storm.  A simple, one-time installation of Secure-Lite storm shutters puts up a barrier to outdoor elements and protects your family and belongings, while maintaining a crystal clear view to the outside. 

Florida has suffered extensive damage from Named Tropical Storms and Hurricanes over the past decade, causing the building code standards to be elevated.  New constructions calls for 140 MPH Impact Rated Windows and Screens to protect the people and contents of Florida structures. Hurricane barriers and hurricane shutters come in many styles and designs many requiring storage, or worse yet some barriers even permanently block safe escape from a fire.

Secure Lite offers unique All-in-One Products that can also sound proof your windows, and offer the protection of security bars in great looking glass or screen windows. 

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