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I have double-hung windows that are too expensive to replace - can you help?

Yes. We install double hung Secure-Lite windows frequently (windows that raise and/or lower), which are fully functional - just like your current windows. Often replacing these is prohibitively expensive - but not when you improve with our windows! Secure-Lite Windows work with your existing windows, so no replacement is necessary. 

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How much do Secure-Lite Windows cost?

When compared to the cost of replacing your existing windows, Secure-Lite Windows are often less expensive. Secure-Lite Windows are priced according to size and most will range from $350 to $900.

We ship to all fifty states and have dealers in many areas and can arrange for installation anywhere in the U.S. Shipping and installation are extra.

We are competitive with replacement windows and yet provide so many more benefits. You get a very good window value for your money.

We do provide free quotes over the phone. We are NOT pushy, bothersome or a pest about trying to sell you windows. Our job is to help you understand all the benefits that Secure-Lite Windows can offer you year round. Our philosophy is to be straightforward, provide you with accurate reliable information, and then let you decide what to do about your security problems problems.

You can fill out the Free Estimate form and send it to us... or call us at 850-478-8222!

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Are your estimates free?

Yes. We will give you a FREE phone quote.

Our estimates are also:

Please call us at 850-478-8222 for a free estimate. 

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How long does it take to install them?

It takes 30 minutes to an hour to install each window.

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Can I buy just one window?

Yes! We do not require quantity purchases, but we will not sell less than one window! Seriously, many customers buy only one or two windows initially, and later end up installing Secure-Lite Windows throughout their entire home after they see how effective they are.

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If I want them, what is the next step, and how long does it take to receive my order?

Place an order with us! Use any of the 4 major credit cards. We recommend credit cards for their consumer protection features. It takes three to seven weeks to custom manufacture your window and arrange for installation. Ask when ordering and we will give you the current estimate of our lead times. We are adding to our manufacturing capacities to reduce the lead time to about two weeks.

Please call us at 850-478-8222 for a free estimate.

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What kind of insulation values do Secure-Lite Windows have?

Secure-Lite Windows have superior insulation values: our two-window system has better insulation values than any single window system. Most windows are only provide a small degree of insulation, but the Secure-Lite window adds approximately 2 inches of dead air space which drastically improves your energy efficiency.

Fortunately, what works for energy insulation, works equally as well for sound insulation. Secure-Lite Windows act as another barrier between you and the noise outside. When combined with the excellent energy insulation values, Secure-Lite Windows offers you the best reduction in unwanted air infiltration, outside noise, and UV Ray protection.

Our windows have better insulation values than the best low-e, argon gas filled double paned window you can buy. Our R-values range from 3.0 to over 5.5.

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What do you mean by "earthquake-safe" windows?

One of the dangers in an earthquake is the flying glass from windows breaking. Earthquakes can shatter the glass of a normal window and send it flying everywhere. It would be dangerous to move around bare-footed and you could be injured by the flying glass. Secure-Lite Windows are made of laminated glass, which can break, but will stay in place at your window.

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What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is two pieces of glass sandwiched together with a special plastic inner layer, which glues them together, stops vibrations, blocks UV light and prevents the glass from breaking into many pieces when it is broken. When it does break, it stays together - like your car's front windshield, which is also laminated glass.


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Do Secure-Lite Windows block out the sun's UV rays?

Yes. Ultraviolet light causes sunburn, color fading and deterioration of natural and synthetic materials.

Museums always use laminated glass to provide color fade protection, as do most furniture stores.

The inner layer of plastic used in our laminated glass blocks 99.9% of all the UV light from passing through. On the other hand, standard glass (used in almost all commercial and residential applications) blocks very little UV light. Even the newer "low E" glass cannot compete with the UV protection of laminated glass.

Some of our customers buy our windows not for sound, but for the UV protection. It is a benefit that may or may not be important to you. It does not harm plants to not get UV rays.

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Will this fix my old, leaking windows?

Yes, Secure-Lite Windows will reduce and possibly eliminate the infiltration of water and air into your home. By knocking down pressure, wind, and heavy rain the air or water that might pass through the Secure-Lite will be harmless to your existing window and will not penetrate.

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Will I get condensation?

Condensation is a very complicated issue, especially in some areas with all the fog and various climates. It is not just a cold-weather question like it would be in Montana. Secure-Lite Windows are specially designed to allow air to filter through the dead air space to prevent condensation. In the event that condensation does appear on the inside surface of the Secure-Lite storm window our patented hinge assemble allows for the Secure-Lite to be opened much like a Bahamas shutter to allow for quick and easy cleaning. Also, most condensation will disappear on its own when the dew point which causes condensation is reduced. If your current window does not leak a lot of air, then we may resolve your condensation problem completely.

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