Secure-Lite Window Company

What are Security Screens?

A Security Screen will have the appearance of an ordinary insect screen with the extraordinary protection of burglar bars or hurricane barriers. 

Security Screens are unique because they offer year round hurricane protection and act as a break-in deterrent, there are no extra parts or materials to store, there is nothing extra required to enable this protection.  Gulf Coast Tropical storms and Florida hurricanes have formed on the radar quickly in the past, creating an urgency to prepare for potential storm damage.  There is no preparation required for a Secure-Lite, simply install and you are protected.

Secure-Lite Security Screens: 

Impact Resistant Screens – Fabric construction: Screen fabric is made up of T-304 “High Tensile” stainless steel with 0.028" dia. strands arranged 12 strands by 12 strands per square inch. Structural – Shall meet the requirements for large missile impact testing.

Level 4: Resistant to thrown rocks, bottles. Cannot break in without a tool and determined effort.

Level 5: Heavy Vandalism: Forced entry, heavy thrown rocks. Heavy pry bar required for entry.

Level 6: Medium Security: Escape deterrent. Forced entry and vandalism.

Level 7: Maximum Security: Escape deterrent. Forced entry and vandalism. Resists repeated forced blows and body thrown at screen at full force.

Level 8: Storm Protection: Protection from strong winds and flying debris.